Valley of Fire Photo Tour

  • 3 Day Photo Tour

    Spend 2 days capturing unusual and stunning photos of Valley of Fire. Valley of Fire State Park is truly one of those relatively unknown gems.

  • Stunning Landscapes

    I think Valley of Fire is just as beautiful as any of the better known National Parks and photo destinations in Utah or Northern Arizona, but without the crowds you find in more famous locations. Valley of Fire’s incredible variety of geography, including colorful sandstone formations, arches, slot canyons and endless nooks and crannies are just waiting to be discovered and photographed.

  • Limited Group Size

    Group size is limited to 6 allowing for a more intimate experience despite being part of a group. At times I may be shooting alongside you so I am calling this a photo tour although I anticipate plenty of teaching opportunities each day.

  • Price

    3 days $475.00

Looking to capture unusual and stunning photos of Valley of Fire?  Then join professional photographer Ron Niebrugge for this unique 3 day photo tour.

I have been a regular visitor to Valley of Fire since 2007.  Back then it was even lesser known and when I tried to label some of the more interesting places I had discovered such as the place I call Sherbert Hills I couldn’t find a single photograph of the location on the internet!  At the time I kept quiet about such discoveries.  But now as they are slowly being discovered by more people I thought this would be a good time to offer a photo tour so that I could share some of these really spectacular places.

We will spend two days photographing Valley of Fire’s incredible variety of geography.  Of course, we will visit the star attractions including Fire Wave, Sherbert Hills, Fire Cave Arch  aka Windstone Arch, Elephant Arch and Native American petroglyphs.  All the time keeping an eye out for Desert Bighorn Sheep.

In addition to visiting many beautiful locations in Valley of Fire, weather permitting, we will also do a night photography session in the Park.  Valley of Fire is not open to the general public at night except for the campground, but we have obtained a special permit that will allow us to stay in the Park when everyone else has to leave.  I have timed the tour to coincide with a new moon to maximize star viewing.

Between catching sunrise and sunset, and a night session, the days will be long but we will take a break mid-day for a nap.  Even though Las Vegas is only about an hour away, I recommend staying in Overton just to reduce the amount of time on the road.  Or one of the campgrounds inside Valley of Fire State Park.